Internet Fraud

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Internet Fraud is a crime in which someone will develop a scheme using one or more elements of the internet to deprive a person of property or any interest. As an increasing number of businesses and consumers rely on the internet and other forms of electronic communication, illegal activity using the very same media is on the rise. Internet fraud is EXTREMELY dangerous and damaging to certain companies, possibly making them lose thousands, if not millions.
When entering  a website, it is important to do the following:

    •    Double check the name of the website
A lot of fraudulent websites will use a website name that will reference to a well known brand or product, such as our recent incident where the fraudulent person created a website similar to ours called, “Stela Shipping”. This wasn’t the official website but the fraudulent was trying to get our customers to use their site instead of ours, trying to make them believe that it was Stella Containers.

    •    Is the offer too good to be true?
On a site such as a container site, if you see containers at a ridiculously low price, you must be suspicious immediately. If the prices seem too good to be true, then sadly they most probably are. Most fraud websites will use low prices to lure in any customers who are looking for containers at a low price. This is a serious issue because most of the time, the containers they are offering at a low price are non-existent, which means that the fraudulent person will get the money but the customer will not receive any container.

    •    Never pay by accounts such as PayPal
If you are asked to pay for a container online via PayPal, alarm bells should be ringing immediately. If you buy something that is fake or non-existent with a credit or debit card, you at least have the rights to get your money back. If you pay with a bank transfer, you cannot do much to get your money back.

    •    Browse the website
Instead of rushing through the website, take a couple of minute to double check the site and visit the homepage to read the text. Read and watch out for poor English in the text. If there is bad grammar in the text, it could usually mean that the site is not genuine and was put together by someone looking to make a quick profit. You must also check that the website has contact information. Most websites should have a contact page and if they don’t, it could very well be fraudulent. If the site does have a contact page but asks for a form to be filled out, this could also be a sign that this is a fraudulent site. Any company offering containers or any other goods or services for that matter, should list a place of business as well as a phone number or email address to contact them. If you cannot access any of this information on the website, you should be very suspicious of this website.

    •    Check the returns policy
If the company are selling containers online, it should have a transport and returns policy listed on the website. If the company is real, it should tell you how and where to return the container. The website should also have terms and conditions and a privacy policy that will tell you exactly what it plans to do with any data you share and any extra contractual rights you have. If the website doesn’t have any of this, you must be aware.

    •    Read some online reviews
Look at reviews across a number of sources which aggregate customer reviews. Don’t just look at one review website—check several. You must also check the company’s social media pages for recent activity and to see what other people are posting on their social channels.

    •    Can you trust a trust mark?
Most people will use a site with a trust mark label or logo but with over 50 different trust mark labels and the fact that some websites won’t use them at all, they are not always a good way to judge whether a website is trustworthy or not. Just because a website appears to carry the logo of a reputable trade organization, it doesn’t mean that the website really is genuine. If in doubt, contact the trust-mark company to double check.

    •    Look for a padlock
Most browsers will have a green padlock next to the websites URL. This means that the website is trusted. This step should only be used in tandem with other checks just in case.

    •    Be aware with how the person on the website contacts you
If they contact you out of the blue, can be a sign that they are a fraudster although in some cases, companies can call their customers out of the blue for a legitimate reason. If you’re called by a company, make sure you check the identity of the caller. Ask them to give you details that only the company will know. If you are not 100% convinced of the indemnity of the caller, hang up and contact the company directly from a different phone.

Never share your personal details with anyone you can’t trust. Phishing emails or phone scammers will often try and get valuable personal data from you that they can use to steal your identity.

Never proceed unless you are absolutely certain that the company is who they say they are. Any fraudster will try and hurry your decision making.

If you are asked to keep something quiet, it should be a red flag. It’s import that you can discuss any agreements with your friends, family or colleagues.

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The shipment and handling of project cargoes that cannot be containerised, requires specialised knowledge.  Starting with the packing list, a suitable vessel needs to be identified for charter. The vessel selected for charter will usually require separate holds and decks and have its own cranes.  The proper securing, lashing, separating and tomming of cargo is essential, and experienced stevedores and a competent ship’s crew will play a vital role in ensuring that cargo is expertly handled whilst loading and discharging, and that the cargo does not shift during sea passage. Using the right personnel in all spheres will minimise damages and claims.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out the best way to safely ship and handle your project cargoes.

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Affordable one bedroom part furnished 12m shipping containers for sale, manufactured from used shipping containers and completely refurbished for a new fresh look !

They consist of:

·        Bedroom area with en-suite shower and toilet

·        Fitted kitchen area

·        Lounge / TV room

·        Fully insulated inside, so you will never know that you are inside a shipping container!

·        Easily transported to your desired location

Besides being used for low-cost housing, our clients are also purchasing these as "Granny-flats". We all know the cost involved for building "Granny-flats" and for a fraction of the price, you can have a fully mobile (if needed) shipping container...


The cost is only R199 999 excluding VAT each.

We can also deliver the container anywhere in South Africa or over border, and even overseas. (Price for transport on application)


This is fantastic value for money. Look at what you get:

·         1x 12m GP used shipping container will be supplied by Stella Shipping

·         1xbuilt in cupboard

·         Insulated interior walls

·         2 x full partition walls with doors

·         1 x STD size steel cut out door

·         3 x NC2 and 1 x NG1 aluminium windows

·         1 x kitchen set 1 x SGL bowl sink with hot and taps

·          1 x mini fridge

·          1x 2 plate stove,

·         1 x microwave oven – combo unit

·         1 x toilet set open plan

·         1 x shower cubicle with shower curtains

·         1 x hot and cold tap hand wash basin

·         1 x 100L geyser including isolator

·         1 x steel SGL bed with mattress

·         Painted exterior 12m GP

·         Rubberized floors black

·         Electrics : distribution board with circuit breaker

·         2 x 4ft double tube fluorescent lights

·          1 x 4ft double vapour proof lights

·          3 x single switches,

·         4 x double plug points

·         Certificate of ownership



·         Certificate of compliance for electrics (this can be arranged at an extra cost of R. 750)

·         Water  and sewage connections at site

·         Insurance


 visit our web-site:



Artic Store

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In South Africa it’s hard to imagine that a temperature of – 60 degrees C could be attained, but with a product called ‘Arctic Store’ this is now a reality.

Here are some of the uses:

  1. Blast Freezing and Rapid Chilling Arctic Blast supplies a constant air flow and chilling effect that rapidly chills and carries on to freeze the produce to -40 degrees C or more.
  2. Eradicate wood borer, cockroaches and other infestations from furniture, fabrics, or anything that will fit in the Arctic Store container; even cars! No poison or harmful chemicals are needed.
  3. Safe storage and transport for pharmaceutical products, including vaccines.
  4. The containers are heavily insulated and alternative materials are employed to manage the material shrinkage and extreme vacuum that is created when operating at such low temperatures.

Stella Containers can supply your Arctic store container.
Short or long term - big or small – for a few or for many pallets - ultra cold, frozen, chill or warm precise control from -60 degrees C to +60 degrees C - a user friendly & reliable storage facility to suit your needs.

(+27) (0)11 450 2576

(+27) (0)31 207 1653

Cape Town:
Please contact Durban (Head Office) or our JHB office for assistance.

Stella Ship Agency & Logistics Ltd
307, KL Centre, CNR Abattoir & Olivier Streets
Port Louis - Mauritius
Phone : 217 6668
Cell : 5 2566216 / 5 256 6218
Email : or

Rest of Africa:
(+27) (0)11 450 2576

We have stock in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Mauritius, Reunion, Tamatave, Madagascar, Mombasa, Dar Es Salaam and we cover the entire South Africa and over-border countries.

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